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## What is Mastodon?
We at IndieHosters believe that **Free, Libre and Open Source Software** for everyone is a way to decentralize the web. Free Libre Open Source Software uses transparent codes and is a common good. Everything we offer here is copy left and we would be happy to inspire new independent hosters to facilitate usage of FLOSS for non-techie users. Whenever you decide to host on your own server, we help you to migrate your data. The more the merrier! Until then you can benefit the experience of the IndieHosters team, who is dedicated to make usage of Free Open Source Software easier and to install it for you. Indie Hosters keeps its business model down to earth by offering products it has tested for its own use. Thats how it can guarantee a fair pricing model. For the installation of Free Open Source Software that you can not find in our shop, we are happy to discuss. If we consider it useful for ourselves, we can split the developing costs.
For everyone who believes in Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Privacy, IndieHosters is the right place for your data. We are dedicated to help you build up a professional and independent web identity. With IndieHosters you get a voice that does not belong to google, facebook or dropbox. Our freedom bundles provide you with a fair alternative to google drive or dropbox. For a facebook alternative we install mastodon or rocketchat for you. For your independent website chose between wordpress, known or static. Become a true indie ninja, by documenting your experience in the forum and help other users to get independent. IndieHosters is part of the FLOSS community, every contribution is for the common good. It's our web, not googles, not facebooks. Start creating, we help you and host you.
You have 2 choices:
1. Use the shared instance, (inculded in your [Bundle](/fr/#pricing))
2. Get your own instance with IndieHosters -
![screenshot timeline mastodon](/img/screenshot-mastodon.png "Logo Title Text 1")
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# Title1
## Title2
Some text!
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