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......@@ -63,6 +63,17 @@ You should identify you IP in the block *en0* and it might be something like *19
5. And now, connect your mobile to your computer's USB and you're ready to debug following that [tutorial]( Enjoy :)
## Canonical URL
Be careful with beta, posts do contain a canonical URL that redirects to the production URL.
I think it is nice, indeed, if you mistakenly share beta, then it will point to the real post.
But in the case of a new blog post that is not published.. The canonical URL points to the homepage, and your preview doesn't work.
(I got bitten when I was trying to implement discourse comments..)
## Excerpt in blog posts
When you publish a blog post, be careful to not forget the [excerpt separator](, if not, the posts ends with a really long description, like [here](
## Zammad API
By default, locally and in staging, nginx starts with a mock api.
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