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.login-pf {
background: url("../img/backgroud.jpg"), #f2f2f2;
background-image: url("../img/backgroud.jpg");
background-color: #f2f2f2;
background-repeat: repeat;
doLogIn=Log In
doForgotPassword=Forgot Password?
doClickHere=Click here
doTryAgain=Try again
doTryAnotherWay=Try Another Way
kerberosNotConfigured=Kerberos Not Configured
kerberosNotConfiguredTitle=Kerberos Not Configured
bypassKerberosDetail=Either you are not logged in by Kerberos or your browser is not set up for Kerberos login. Please click continue to login in through other means
kerberosNotSetUp=Kerberos is not set up. You cannot login.
loginTitle=Log in to {0}
impersonateTitle={0} Impersonate User
impersonateTitleHtml=<strong>{0}</strong> Impersonate User
unknownUser=Unknown user
loginTotpTitle=Mobile Authenticator Setup
loginProfileTitle=Update Account Information
loginTimeout=Your login attempt timed out. Login will start from the beginning.
oauthGrantTitle=Grant Access to {0}
errorTitle=We are sorry...
errorTitleHtml=We are <strong>sorry</strong> ...
emailVerifyTitle=Email verification
emailForgotTitle=Forgot Your Password?
updatePasswordTitle=Update password
codeSuccessTitle=Success code
codeErrorTitle=Error code\: {0}
displayUnsupported=Requested display type unsupported
browserRequired=Browser required to login
browserContinue=Browser required to complete login
browserContinuePrompt=Open browser and continue login? [y/n]:
termsTitle=Terms and Conditions
termsText=<p>Terms and conditions to be defined</p>
termsPlainText=Terms and conditions to be defined.
recaptchaFailed=Invalid Recaptcha
recaptchaNotConfigured=Recaptcha is required, but not configured
consentDenied=Consent denied.
noAccount=New user?
usernameOrEmail=Username or email
firstName=First name
givenName=Given name
fullName=Full name
lastName=Last name
familyName=Family name
passwordConfirm=Confirm password
passwordNew=New Password
passwordNewConfirm=New Password confirmation
rememberMe=Remember me
authenticatorCode=One-time code
locality=City or Locality
region=State, Province, or Region
postal_code=Zip or Postal code
emailVerified=Email verified
gssDelegationCredential=GSS Delegation Credential
usernameHelper=This is how other members will be able to identify you. Attention this choice is definitive, it is recommended to opt for a username under the form ''firstnamelastname''.
profileScopeConsentText=User profile
emailScopeConsentText=Email address
phoneScopeConsentText=Phone number
offlineAccessScopeConsentText=Offline Access
samlRoleListScopeConsentText=My Roles
rolesScopeConsentText=User roles
restartLoginTooltip=Restart login
loginTotpIntro=You need to set up a One Time Password generator to access this account
loginTotpStep1=Install one of the following applications on your mobile:
loginTotpStep2=Open the application and scan the barcode:
loginTotpStep3=Enter the one-time code provided by the application and click Submit to finish the setup.
loginTotpStep3DeviceName=Provide a Device Name to help you manage your OTP devices.
loginTotpManualStep2=Open the application and enter the key:
loginTotpManualStep3=Use the following configuration values if the application allows setting them:
loginTotpUnableToScan=Unable to scan?
loginTotpScanBarcode=Scan barcode?
loginOtpOneTime=One-time code
loginTotpDeviceName=Device Name
loginChooseAuthenticator=Select login method
oauthGrantRequest=Do you grant these access privileges?
emailVerifyInstruction1=An email with instructions to verify your email address has been sent to you.
emailVerifyInstruction2=Haven''t received a verification code in your email?
emailVerifyInstruction3=to re-send the email.
emailLinkIdpTitle=Link {0}
emailLinkIdp1=An email with instructions to link {0} account {1} with your {2} account has been sent to you.
emailLinkIdp2=Haven''t received a verification code in your email?
emailLinkIdp3=to re-send the email.
emailLinkIdp4=If you already verified the email in different browser
emailLinkIdp5=to continue.
backToLogin=&laquo; Back to Login
emailInstruction=Enter your username or email address and we will send you instructions on how to create a new password.
copyCodeInstruction=Please copy this code and paste it into your application:
pageExpiredTitle=Page has expired
pageExpiredMsg1=To restart the login process
pageExpiredMsg2=To continue the login process
personalInfo=Personal Info:
role_realm-admin=Realm Admin
role_create-realm=Create realm
role_create-client=Create client
role_view-realm=View realm
role_view-users=View users
role_view-applications=View applications
role_view-clients=View clients
role_view-events=View events
role_view-identity-providers=View identity providers
role_manage-realm=Manage realm
role_manage-users=Manage users
role_manage-applications=Manage applications
role_manage-identity-providers=Manage identity providers
role_manage-clients=Manage clients
role_manage-events=Manage events
role_view-profile=View profile
role_manage-account=Manage account
role_manage-account-links=Manage account links
role_read-token=Read token
role_offline-access=Offline access
client_account-console=Account Console
client_security-admin-console=Security Admin Console
client_admin-cli=Admin CLI
client_realm-management=Realm Management
requiredFields=Required fields
invalidUserMessage=Invalid username or password.
invalidUsernameMessage=Invalid username.
invalidUsernameOrEmailMessage=Invalid username or email.
invalidPasswordMessage=Invalid password.
invalidEmailMessage=Invalid email address.
accountDisabledMessage=Account is disabled, contact your administrator.
accountTemporarilyDisabledMessage=Account is temporarily disabled; contact your administrator or retry later.
expiredCodeMessage=Login timeout. Please log in again.
expiredActionMessage=Action expired. Please continue with login now.
expiredActionTokenNoSessionMessage=Action expired.
expiredActionTokenSessionExistsMessage=Action expired. Please start again.
missingFirstNameMessage=Please specify first name.
missingLastNameMessage=Please specify last name.
missingEmailMessage=Please specify email.
missingUsernameMessage=Please specify username.
missingPasswordMessage=Please specify password.
missingTotpMessage=Please specify authenticator code.
missingTotpDeviceNameMessage=Please specify device name.
notMatchPasswordMessage=Passwords don''t match.
invalidPasswordExistingMessage=Invalid existing password.
invalidPasswordBlacklistedMessage=Invalid password: password is blacklisted.
invalidPasswordConfirmMessage=Password confirmation doesn''t match.
invalidTotpMessage=Invalid authenticator code.
usernameExistsMessage=Username already exists.
emailExistsMessage=Email already exists.
federatedIdentityExistsMessage=User with {0} {1} already exists. Please login to account management to link the account.
confirmLinkIdpTitle=Account already exists
federatedIdentityConfirmLinkMessage=User with {0} {1} already exists. How do you want to continue?
federatedIdentityConfirmReauthenticateMessage=Authenticate to link your account with {0}
nestedFirstBrokerFlowMessage=The {0} user {1} is not linked to any known user.
confirmLinkIdpReviewProfile=Review profile
confirmLinkIdpContinue=Add to existing account
configureTotpMessage=You need to set up Mobile Authenticator to activate your account.
updateProfileMessage=You need to update your user profile to activate your account.
updatePasswordMessage=You need to change your password to activate your account.
resetPasswordMessage=You need to change your password.
verifyEmailMessage=You need to verify your email address to activate your account.
linkIdpMessage=You need to verify your email address to link your account with {0}.
emailSentMessage=You should receive an email shortly with further instructions.
emailSendErrorMessage=Failed to send email, please try again later.
accountUpdatedMessage=Your account has been updated.
accountPasswordUpdatedMessage=Your password has been updated.
delegationCompleteHeader=Login Successful
delegationCompleteMessage=You may close this browser window and go back to your console application.
delegationFailedHeader=Login Failed
delegationFailedMessage=You may close this browser window and go back to your console application and try logging in again.
noAccessMessage=No access
invalidPasswordMinLengthMessage=Invalid password: minimum length {0}.
invalidPasswordMinDigitsMessage=Invalid password: must contain at least {0} numerical digits.
invalidPasswordMinLowerCaseCharsMessage=Invalid password: must contain at least {0} lower case characters.
invalidPasswordMinUpperCaseCharsMessage=Invalid password: must contain at least {0} upper case characters.
invalidPasswordMinSpecialCharsMessage=Invalid password: must contain at least {0} special characters.
invalidPasswordNotUsernameMessage=Invalid password: must not be equal to the username.
invalidPasswordRegexPatternMessage=Invalid password: fails to match regex pattern(s).
invalidPasswordHistoryMessage=Invalid password: must not be equal to any of last {0} passwords.
invalidPasswordGenericMessage=Invalid password: new password doesn''t match password policies.
failedToProcessResponseMessage=Failed to process response
httpsRequiredMessage=HTTPS required
realmNotEnabledMessage=Realm not enabled
invalidRequestMessage=Invalid Request
failedLogout=Logout failed
unknownLoginRequesterMessage=Unknown login requester
loginRequesterNotEnabledMessage=Login requester not enabled
bearerOnlyMessage=Bearer-only applications are not allowed to initiate browser login
standardFlowDisabledMessage=Client is not allowed to initiate browser login with given response_type. Standard flow is disabled for the client.
implicitFlowDisabledMessage=Client is not allowed to initiate browser login with given response_type. Implicit flow is disabled for the client.
invalidRedirectUriMessage=Invalid redirect uri
unsupportedNameIdFormatMessage=Unsupported NameIDFormat
invalidRequesterMessage=Invalid requester
registrationNotAllowedMessage=Registration not allowed
resetCredentialNotAllowedMessage=Reset Credential not allowed
permissionNotApprovedMessage=Permission not approved.
noRelayStateInResponseMessage=No relay state in response from identity provider.
insufficientPermissionMessage=Insufficient permissions to link identities.
couldNotProceedWithAuthenticationRequestMessage=Could not proceed with authentication request to identity provider.
couldNotObtainTokenMessage=Could not obtain token from identity provider.
unexpectedErrorRetrievingTokenMessage=Unexpected error when retrieving token from identity provider.
unexpectedErrorHandlingResponseMessage=Unexpected error when handling response from identity provider.
identityProviderAuthenticationFailedMessage=Authentication failed. Could not authenticate with identity provider.
couldNotSendAuthenticationRequestMessage=Could not send authentication request to identity provider.
unexpectedErrorHandlingRequestMessage=Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider.
invalidAccessCodeMessage=Invalid access code.
sessionNotActiveMessage=Session not active.
invalidCodeMessage=An error occurred, please login again through your application.
identityProviderUnexpectedErrorMessage=Unexpected error when authenticating with identity provider
identityProviderNotFoundMessage=Could not find an identity provider with the identifier.
identityProviderLinkSuccess=You successfully verified your email. Please go back to your original browser and continue there with the login.
staleCodeMessage=This page is no longer valid, please go back to your application and log in again
realmSupportsNoCredentialsMessage=Realm does not support any credential type.
credentialSetupRequired=Cannot login, credential setup required.
identityProviderNotUniqueMessage=Realm supports multiple identity providers. Could not determine which identity provider should be used to authenticate with.
emailVerifiedMessage=Your email address has been verified.
staleEmailVerificationLink=The link you clicked is an old stale link and is no longer valid. Maybe you have already verified your email.
identityProviderAlreadyLinkedMessage=Federated identity returned by {0} is already linked to another user.
confirmAccountLinking=Confirm linking the account {0} of identity provider {1} with your account.
confirmEmailAddressVerification=Confirm validity of e-mail address {0}.
confirmExecutionOfActions=Perform the following action(s)
locale_pt_BR=Portugu\u00EAs (Brasil)
locale_pt-BR=Portugu\u00EAs (Brasil)
backToApplication=&laquo; Back to Application
missingParameterMessage=Missing parameters\: {0}
clientNotFoundMessage=Client not found.
clientDisabledMessage=Client disabled.
invalidParameterMessage=Invalid parameter\: {0}
alreadyLoggedIn=You are already logged in.
differentUserAuthenticated=You are already authenticated as different user ''{0}'' in this session. Please log out first.
brokerLinkingSessionExpired=Requested broker account linking, but current session is no longer valid.
proceedWithAction=&raquo; Click here to proceed
requiredAction.CONFIGURE_TOTP=Configure OTP
requiredAction.terms_and_conditions=Terms and Conditions
requiredAction.UPDATE_PASSWORD=Update Password
requiredAction.UPDATE_PROFILE=Update Profile
requiredAction.VERIFY_EMAIL=Verify Email
doX509Login=You will be logged in as\:
clientCertificate=X509 client certificate\:
noCertificate=[No Certificate]
pageNotFound=Page not found
internalServerError=An internal server error has occurred
console-otp=One Time Password:
console-new-password=New Password:
console-confirm-password=Confirm Password:
console-update-password=Update of your password is required.
console-verify-email=You need to verify your email address. We sent an email to {0} that contains a verification code. Please enter this code into the input below.
console-email-code=Email Code:
console-accept-terms=Accept Terms? [y/n]:
# Openshift messages
openshift.scope.user_info=User information
openshift.scope.user_check-access=User access information
openshift.scope.user_full=Full Access
openshift.scope.list-projects=List projects
# SAML authentication Redirect, please wait. is disabled. We strongly recommend to enable it. Click the button below to continue.
otp-display-name=Authenticator Application
otp-help-text=Enter a verification code from authenticator application.
password-help-text=Log in by entering your password.
auth-username-form-help-text=Start log in by entering your username
auth-username-password-form-display-name=Username and password
auth-username-password-form-help-text=Log in by entering your username and password.
# WebAuthn
webauthn-display-name=Security Key
webauthn-help-text=Use your security key to log in.
webauthn-passwordless-display-name=Security Key
webauthn-passwordless-help-text=Use your security key for passwordless log in.
webauthn-login-title=Security Key login
webauthn-registration-title=Security Key Registration
webauthn-available-authenticators=Available authenticators
# WebAuthn Error
webauthn-error-title=Security Key Error
webauthn-error-registration=Failed to register your Security key.
webauthn-error-api-get=Failed to authenticate by the Security key.
webauthn-error-different-user=First authenticated user is not the one authenticated by the Security key.
webauthn-error-auth-verification=Security key authentication result is invalid.
webauthn-error-register-verification=Security key registration result is invalid.
webauthn-error-user-not-found=Unknown user authenticated by the Security key.
identity-provider-redirector=Connect with another Identity Provider
webauthn-passwordless-help-text=Use your security key for passwordless log in.
\ No newline at end of file
doLogIn=Se connecter
doRegister=Cr\u00e9er un nouveau compte
doRegisterNow=Confirmer l''inscription
doForgotPassword=Mot de passe oubli\u00e9 ?
doClickHere=Cliquez ici
kerberosNotConfigured=Kerberos non configur\u00e9
kerberosNotConfiguredTitle=Kerberos non configur\u00e9
bypassKerberosDetail=Si vous n''\u00eates pas connect\u00e9 via Kerberos ou bien que votre navigateur n''est pas configur\u00e9 pour la connexion via Kerberos. Veuillez cliquer pour vous connecter via un autre moyen.
kerberosNotSetUp=Kerberos n''est pas configur\u00e9. Connexion impossible.
registerTitle=Cr\u00e9er un nouveau compte
registerWithTitle=Enregistrement avec {0}
loginTitle=Se connecter \u00e0 {0}
impersonateTitle={0} utilisateur impersonate
impersonateTitleHtml=<strong>{0}</strong> utilisateur impersonate
unknownUser=Utilisateur inconnu
loginTotpTitle=Configuration de l''authentification par mobile
loginProfileTitle=Mise \u00e0 jour du compte
loginTimeout=Le temps imparti pour la connexion est \u00e9coul\u00e9. Le processus de connexion red\u00e9marre depuis le d\u00e9but.
oauthGrantTitle=OAuth Grant
errorTitle=Nous sommes d\u00e9sol\u00e9s...
errorTitleHtml=Nous sommes <strong>d\u00e9sol\u00e9s</strong>...
emailVerifyTitle=V\u00e9rification du courriel
emailForgotTitle=Mot de passe oubli\u00e9 ?
updatePasswordTitle=Mise \u00e0 jour du mot de passe
codeSuccessTitle=Code succ\u00e8s
codeErrorTitle=Code d''erreur \: {0}
displayUnsupported=Type d''affichage demand\u00e9 non support\u00e9
browserRequired=Navigateur requis pour se connecter
browserContinue=Navigateur requis pour continuer la connexion
browserContinuePrompt=Ouvrir le navigateur et continuer la connexion? [y/n]:
termsTitle=Termes et Conditions
termsTitleHtml=Termes et Conditions
termsText=<p>Termes et conditions \u00e0 d\u00e9finir</p>
termsPlainText=Termes et conditions \u00e0 d\u00e9finir
recaptchaFailed=Re-captcha invalide
recaptchaNotConfigured=Re-captcha est requis, mais il n''est pas configur\u00e9
consentDenied=Consentement refus\u00e9.
noAccount=Vous venez d''arriver ?
usernameOrEmail=Pseudo ou courriel
fullName=Nom complet
familyName=Nom de famille
password=Mot de passe
passwordConfirm=Confirmation du mot de passe
passwordNew=Nouveau mot de passe
passwordNewConfirm=Confirmation du nouveau mot de passe
rememberMe=Se souvenir de moi
authenticatorCode=Code \u00e0 usage unique
locality=Ville ou Localit\u00e9
region=\u00c9tat, Province ou R\u00e9gion
postal_code=Code postal
emailVerified=Courriel v\u00e9rifi\u00e9
gssDelegationCredential=Accr\u00e9ditation de d\u00e9l\u00e9gation GSS
usernameHelper=C''est ainsi que les autres membres pourront vous identifier. Attention ce choix est d\u00e9finitif, il est recommand\u00e9 d''opter pour un pseudo sous la forme ''prenomnom''.
loginTotpIntro=Il est n\u00e9cessaire de configurer un g\u00e9n\u00e9rateur One Time Password pour acc\u00e9der \u00e0 ce compte
loginTotpStep1=Installez <a href="" target="_blank">FreeOTP</a> ou bien Google Authenticator sur votre mobile. Ces deux applications sont disponibles sur <a href="">Google Play</a> et Apple App Store.
loginTotpStep2=Ouvrez l''application et scannez le code-barres ou entrez la clef.
loginTotpStep3=Entrez le code \u00e0 usage unique fourni par l''application et cliquez sur Sauvegarder pour terminer.
loginTotpManualStep2=Ouvrez l''application et saisissez la cl\u00e9
loginTotpManualStep3=Utilisez la configuration de valeur suivante si l''application permet son \u00e9dition
loginTotpUnableToScan=Impossible de scanner?
loginTotpScanBarcode=Scanner le code barre ?
loginOtpOneTime=Code \u00e0 usage unique
loginTotp.totp=Bas\u00e9 sur le temps
loginTotp.hotp=Bas\u00e9 sur les compteurs
oauthGrantRequest=Voulez-vous accorder ces privil\u00e8ges d''acc\u00e8s ?
emailVerifyInstruction1=Un courriel avec des instructions \u00e0 suivre vous a \u00e9t\u00e9 envoy\u00e9.
emailVerifyInstruction2=Vous n''avez pas re\u00e7u de code dans le courriel ?
emailVerifyInstruction3=pour renvoyer le courriel.
emailLinkIdpTitle=Association avec {0}
emailLinkIdp1=Un courriel avec des instructions pour associer le compte {1} sur {0} avec votre compte {2} vous a \u00e9t\u00e9 envoy\u00e9.
emailLinkIdp2=Vous n''avez pas re\u00e7u de code dans le courriel ?
emailLinkIdp3=pour renvoyer le courriel.
emailLinkIdp4=Si vous avez d\u00e9j\u00e0 v\u00e9rifi\u00e9 votre courriel dans un autre navigateur
emailLinkIdp5=pour continuer.
backToLogin=&laquo; Retour \u00e0 la connexion
emailInstruction=Pas de panique. Entrez votre nom pseudo ou votre courriel ; un courriel va vous \u00eatre envoy\u00e9 pour cr\u00e9er un nouveau mot de passe.
copyCodeInstruction=Copiez le code et recopiez le dans votre application :
pageExpiredTitle=La page a expir\u00e9
pageExpiredMsg1=Pour recommencer le processus d''authentification
pageExpiredMsg2=Pour continuer le processus d''authentification
personalInfo=Information personnelle :
role_realm-admin=Administrateur du domaine
role_create-realm=Cr\u00e9er un domaine
role_create-client=Cr\u00e9er un client
role_view-realm=Voir un domaine
role_view-users=Voir les utilisateurs
role_view-applications=Voir les applications
role_view-clients=Voir les clients
role_view-events=Voir les \u00e9v\u00e9nements
role_view-identity-providers=Voir les fournisseurs d''identit\u00e9
role_manage-realm=G\u00e9rer le domaine
role_manage-users=G\u00e9rer les utilisateurs
role_manage-applications=G\u00e9rer les applications
role_manage-identity-providers=G\u00e9rer les fournisseurs d''identit\u00e9
role_manage-clients=G\u00e9rer les clients
role_manage-events=G\u00e9rer les \u00e9v\u00e9nements
role_view-profile=Voir le profil
role_manage-account=G\u00e9rer le compte
role_manage-account-links=G\u00e9rer les liens de compte
role_read-token=Lire le jeton d''authentification
role_offline-access=Acc\u00e8s hors-ligne
client_security-admin-console=Console d''administration de la s\u00e9curit\u00e9
client_admin-cli=Admin CLI
client_realm-management=Gestion du domaine
invalidUserMessage=Pseudo ou mot de passe invalide.
invalidEmailMessage=Courriel invalide.
accountDisabledMessage=Compte d\u00e9sactiv\u00e9, contactez votre administrateur.
accountTemporarilyDisabledMessage=Ce compte est temporairement d\u00e9sactiv\u00e9, contactez votre administrateur ou bien r\u00e9essayez plus tard.
expiredCodeMessage=Connexion expir\u00e9e. Veuillez vous reconnecter.
expiredActionMessage=Action expir\u00e9e. Merci de continuer la connexion.
expiredActionTokenNoSessionMessage=Action expir\u00e9e.
expiredActionTokenSessionExistsMessage=Action expir\u00e9e. Merci de recommencer.
missingFirstNameMessage=Veuillez entrer votre pr\u00e9nom.
missingLastNameMessage=Veuillez entrer votre nom.
missingEmailMessage=Veuillez entrer votre courriel.
missingUsernameMessage=Veuillez entrer votre pseudo.
missingPasswordMessage=Veuillez entrer votre mot de passe.
missingTotpMessage=Veuillez entrer votre code d''authentification.
notMatchPasswordMessage=Les mots de passe ne sont pas identiques.
invalidPasswordExistingMessage=Mot de passe existant invalide.
invalidPasswordBlacklistedMessage=Mot de passe invalide : ce mot de passe est blacklist\u00e9.
invalidPasswordConfirmMessage=Le mot de passe de confirmation ne correspond pas.
invalidTotpMessage=Le code d''authentification est invalide.
usernameExistsMessage=Ce pseudo existe d\u00e9j\u00e0.
emailExistsMessage=Ce courriel existe d\u00e9j\u00e0.
federatedIdentityExistsMessage=L''utilisateur avec {0} {1} existe d\u00e9j\u00e0. Veuillez acc\u00e9der \u00e0 au gestionnaire de compte pour lier le compte.
federatedIdentityEmailExistsMessage=Cet utilisateur avec ce courriel existe d\u00e9j\u00e0. Veuillez vous connecter au gestionnaire de compte pour lier le compte.
confirmLinkIdpTitle=Ce compte existe d\u00e9j\u00e0
federatedIdentityConfirmLinkMessage=L''utilisateur {0} {1} existe d\u00e9j\u00e0. Que souhaitez-vous faire ?
federatedIdentityConfirmReauthenticateMessage=Identifiez vous afin de lier votre compte avec {0}
confirmLinkIdpReviewProfile=V\u00e9rifiez vos informations de profil
confirmLinkIdpContinue=Souhaitez-vous lier {0} \u00e0 votre compte existant
configureTotpMessage=Vous devez configurer l''authentification par mobile pour activer votre compte.
updateProfileMessage=Vous devez mettre \u00e0 jour votre profil pour activer votre compte.
updatePasswordMessage=Vous devez changer votre mot de passe pour activer votre compte.
resetPasswordMessage=Vous devez changer votre mot de passe.
verifyEmailMessage=Vous devez v\u00e9rifier votre courriel pour activer votre compte.
linkIdpMessage=Vous devez v\u00e9rifier votre courriel pour lier votre compte avec {0}.
emailSentMessage=Vous devriez recevoir rapidement un courriel avec de plus amples instructions.
emailSendErrorMessage=Erreur lors de l''envoi du courriel, veuillez essayer plus tard.
accountUpdatedMessage=Votre compte a \u00e9t\u00e9 mis \u00e0 jour.
accountPasswordUpdatedMessage=Votre mot de passe a \u00e9t\u00e9 mis \u00e0 jour.
noAccessMessage=Aucun acc\u00e8s
invalidPasswordMinLengthMessage=Mot de passe invalide : longueur minimale requise de {0}.
invalidPasswordMinDigitsMessage=Mot de passe invalide : doit contenir au moins {0} chiffre(s).