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This repo is a placeholder for all the applications that need to be developped.
# IndieHosters applications
You can see as the issue tracker for all modularized IndieHosters applications.
What is an application for IndieHosters?
It is a repo that must contain the following:
- `docker-compose.yml`
- `BACKUP` script to backup databases (or an emtpy bash script if no backups are needed)
## Docker-compose
The `docker-compose` must start a service called `web` that exposes a port 80.
## Dockerfile
The docker-compose should use Docker official images.
If none are available, then make one, and try to pull request upstream and offer help to make it official.
If you need more than the bare image, base your Dockerfile on the official one, and try to pull request the official one. Other people might need your work.
## Environment
### Mail
If the application needs to send email pass the mail server configuration as environment variables:
Your app should be able to understand them.
## Example
A good example is the [wordpress application](
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